BHC - Summer Camp July 29th - Aug 1st in Calgary

Barons Hockey Club - Seven Chiefs Sportsplex Summer Camp 

4 day Camp - July 29th to August 1st  2019

Seven Chiefs Sportsplex & Chief Jim Starlight Centre, Tsuu Tina First Nation

 Cost $650.00 includes taxes 

Parents to supply lunches, water and enough snacks for the day

No PEANUTS due to possible Allergies


Novice and Atom (Approx 4 hours on ice)

8 to 9am (both groups start the day on ice, where they belong)

9am to 10:30 Get undressed - first snack, stretching - hockey talk - Get dressed

10:30 to 11:30 - Back on the ice 

11:30 to 1 - Get undressed - Lunch - supervised outdoor activity - rest - get dressed

1 to 1:45 - Back on the ice

1:45 - 2:20 - Short break, snack but stay dressed while I give the big kids a conditioning skate

2:20 - 3:15 - Back on the ice skills to finish the day 


Pee Wee and Bantam (Approx 4 hours on ice)

8 to 9am (both groups start the day on ice, where they belong)

9 to 9:15 - Flood

9:15 to 10:15 - Quick snack back on the ice

10:15 to 10:30 - Flood

10:15 -11:45 - Get undressed - first snack, stretching and hockey talk - Get dressed

11:45 to 12:45 - Back on the ice 

12:45 -1:45 - Get undressed - Lunch please rest - get dressed 

1:45 - 2 Flood 

2 to 2:20 - Pw/Bantam only - hard conditioning skate 

2:20 to 3:15 - Stay on the ice skills to finish the day 


How to Register

Downloadable forms click here

Please fill out this form, Download this form to sign up for 2019 camp scan and email it back to me at subject line - registration for the 2019 Barons Hockey Camp 


How to Pay

E-transfers are accepted to: password "neverg1veup"


To register online using a Visa credit card select division "Player Development” and camp name "Barons Hockey Club - Seven Chiefs Sportsplex Summer Camp"

Click here to proceed and pay online using a credit card


What skills are taught at BP Hockey camps

BP Hockey hopes to hold power skating clinics throughout the year focusing on forward/backwards skating, edge control, crossovers, power turns and take-offs. These camps will provide an opportunity for the player to improve and be a confident player on the ice.

Skating •Passing •Shooting •Stick handling •1 on 1 Development •Angling Foot transitioning •Puck Mobility •Mental toughness •Puck support •Hard work


BP Hockey Mission Statement

Buddies and Pals Hockey is committed to providing an engaging and knowledgeable program, improving hockey skills, shaping leaders and teammates while having fun in a bully free environment.  


What is BP Hockey

Building relationships with the players to give them confidence to know they can achieve whatever goal they want.  That’s the true key to getting to the next level.



Barons Hockey Club