BP Hockey 2019 Spring Development

2019 Spring Hockey Information

BP Hockey will be running a 2019 spring hockey and development program.

The ice is booked at the new Seton Ice Complex in Calgary, Friday nights 5:45 to 7 and 7:15 to 8:30 and Sundays 11 to 12:15 and 12:30 to 1:45.

We will have 2 groups and depending on the commitments the groups will be named as we get closer to spring and posted online for all to see..

  • The program will consist of minimum 2 on ice sessions a week and as many games as we can fit in (TBD) but I can promise if anything like last year I get calls everyday
  • 1 tournament (our favorite in Canmore)
  • Spin classes at Core Spin
  • New HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) also at Core Spin in South Calgary
  • The Implementation of my new GUN-Ex training equipment
  • Emphasis on more  dry land training as the weather warms up
  • The player will receive 2 player evaluations from Just Be Sports Management Group. Just be is a service I want to provide in order to give our group the pathway to a higher level. The kids will receive one midterm report and one at the end of the spring season.

The 2006 born players will focus will be on checking/body contact, how to take, give and react to legal body contact. Body and positional safety while along the boards. This will help as they move closer to bantam hockey.

A new addition to the program will be a “pay as you play” with no commitment to the regular program.

Kids will be able to sign up online for games as they become available to me.

This sign up will be on the BP Hockey website for those kids who want more games and tournaments that what I can fiscally afford as part of the original spring program.

Please watch a quick video  of the on ice Gun Ex training equipment 

I hope the winter hockey season is pushing the kids outside the comfort levels as this is where the inner growth comes from.

The program will run March 22nd until June 23rd and cost will be $1995.00 plus tax, payment required to secure a spot in the spring program.

To register please etransfer to payments@bphpckey.net or click here to signup online  using a Visa card.

Like always any questions feel free to ask. 


Thx Chris 
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