Why BP

What skills are taught at BP Hockey camps?

BP Hockey hopes to hold power skating clinics throughout the year focusing on forward/backwards skating, edge control, crossovers, power turns and take-offs. These camps will provide an opportunity for the player to improve and be a confident player on the ice.

  • Skating •Passing •Shooting •Stickhandling •1 on 1 Development •Angling
  • Foot transitioning •Puck Mobility •Mental toughness •Puck support •Hard work

BP Hockey Mission Statement

Buddies and Pals Hockey is committed to providing an engaging and knowledgeable program, improving hockey skills, shaping leaders and teammates while having fun in a bully free environment.  

Who is BP Hockey

BP Hockey was my idea but is a "program for parents" who want their child to have fun and learn to love the game of hockey. I’ve been involved in the game for over 45 years. I played in Belleville then graduated into junior with the Wellington Dukes. After junior I coached in the same BMHA system. I then was assistant coach with Marty Abrams and the Wellington Dukes. I have been a referee, video analyst, power skating instructor, coach mentor and Western Hockey League scout.

Building relationships with the players to give them confidence to know they can achieve whatever goal they want.  That’s the true key to getting to the next level.

BP Hockey