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Why "GET RANKED"? Two questions are why not and get it now before it's to late.

I've seen how it works, been silent long enough and know in the end kids need to leave the sport wanting to give back as much as they took.

It's finally time for me to step in and give the kids a voice. This voice I hope will help the parents get out of the way of themselves. It's an unwritten rule but every child who plays this game experiences some sort anxiety, depression, sense of failure, not fitting in, it's too hard to be "on this team", I'm not having fun, if I don't score in this game my dad will be mad. The Love of the game has to come from the players. Parents, this is one thing you can't control. Offering development, supporting every child on the team, the coaches and the refs is really the only choice you have. This is an old cliché but still works "Hockey teaches life lessons". That's it.

If you want to get your son to the NHL, here's 8 traits coaches talk about. Nothing to do with goals or assists.   

1. Is he a good kid?

2. Does he make others around him better?

3. Does he put team success before individual success?

4. How's his work ethic?

5. Does he put in work away from the game?

6. The best one, is he coachable?

7. Does he volunteer his time?

8. Does he lead by example? 

Every year hockey loses refs, this is no secret. Coaching is now thankless and impossible game by game, week by week. Soon the sport will have no refs and no "non-parent" coaches. 

In today's society of parent entitlement, parent telling coaches how to coach, and parents thinking "little Johnny" is going to the NHL. Why can't parents just let go?.

Please don't take offence, none intended. I'm not perfect, I make mistakes every single day but hockey I do know (coached, ref, played, even drove a Zamboni) so I'm here to offer the one talent I have. To give back and help.

So with Get Ranked "If it's not measured how can you improve it".

Hockey is moving to a new world of analytics. It's truly can be a 12 month process of constant development.

Every team or league keeps stats wins, loses, goals for, goals against, shots for, shots against, penalties minutes, player goals, assists and anything else to determine who is first or number 1.

Everything is measured, but one question I've wondered from many years of my coaching is the players really getting better?.

Parents go into every game watching and wondering is my child improving.

Really the only time this is measured is during the ever stressful tryouts or evaluations. Once a year. How misleading.

So with "Get Ranked" I've taken it upon myself to offer parents a chance to see where the hockey player ranks among his peers.

I will evaluate, rank and publish the list (list will include only ranking, player name, height, weight, position, latest club, and league). 

So what do you get for $20 by "Getting Ranked".

1. Work with the player to come up with a short and long term goal.

2. You get an honest opinion from our professional coaches so you're not wasting money on development in the wrong areas.

3. Act as a liaison to get the player on the appropriate skill level spring/winter teams to play on.

4. To help bring together appropriate skill levels so the player accelerates the development both on and off the ice beyond the current level.

5. Offer professional advice on local programs to get to the short and long term goals.

6. To give a realistic report card so we can determine where the players will be in the next 4-6 years.

Added Value to building a life long player/coach relationship - 99% guaranteed for only $100 a year - Signup now!!!!

The mindset of a professional coach is to make the player the best we can by moving them to new comfort zones. We want to help. For an additional fee of $100 a year (from date of signup) the program we will form a 100% confidential relationship with the player. Our staff have seen every situation that may have occurred during any given hockey season. This relationship will give the player a sounding board besides the current coach and parents to help the player be confident and get back to having fun.

Please fill out the form below.

Once the etransfer to password "neverg1veup" is accepted the player will be ranked. 


Note: As data is collected, both on and off ice local combines will be planned. Teams will be formed to play against best competition as possible.


Thanks staff at "Get Ranked" 




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